Fireworks of the best collections

4 août 2015

Currently its not so difficult to find a company that can organize show of fireworks at any event fast and excellent. You can just write down a “firework for wedding” in address bar of browser and you will see hundreds offers and prepared options of shows in the sky. However, as a result, not every suggested company will meet Your expectations and will be able to perform Your order for 100%, herewith focusing on Your vision and demands.

If you want a fantastic show, original and designed ONLY for Your celebration, it’s worth it to appeal to real masters, dedicated not one year for development unique technologies of firework shows and carefully selecting best of the best. One of this small group of professionals is company from Russia “Fireworks of the best collections” from the Reutov city, Russian Federation, with which the team of portal acquainted from the very moment of entering of pyrotechnics to the market, and now we want to introduce them to our visitors.

Since 2003 pyrotechnics of Russian company “Fireworks of the best collections” rejoice by their professionalism not only city dwellers, but also random viewer. They sharpen their skills as well on numerous fireworks festivals, both in Russian Federation and abroad. This company has a lot of awards in different pyrotechnics contests, people’s choice awards, and also am acceptance of the colleagues in the professional guild.

This Russian company by right won the first places in such big Russian festivals, as following: “Silver Rook” in Kostroma city, Russian Federation, “Magic of Fire” in Nizhny Novgorod city, Russian Federation, Grand Prix and People’s Choice Awards on the festival “Big Volga” in Dubna city, Russian Federation, and “Russian fireworks festival” in Moscow, Russian Federation.

Festival programs of the company “Fireworks of the best collections” always stand out by modernity of performance, by unique design of concept and saturation of programs. Products used in shows are remembered by spectators with its brightness, newness and chic.

The team offer You to get acquaintance with some of the outstanding works of Russian company “Fireworks of the best collections” LLC and take pleasure by watching, without any exaggeration, a unique mastership. In the musical composition of the holiday, used festival balls fireworks.

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