LLC “Ural pyrotechnic factory” is organized on the basis of branch office PA "Signal" and it is a serial pyrotechnic production factory. The production activity of the company has begun in 1970.
LLC “Ural pyrotechnic factory” is a member of Russian Association of Manufacturers and Demonstrators of Fireworks – “RAMAD – Firework”, it has staff of certified pyrotechnists.
LLC “UPF” provides all phases of manufacturing of pyrotechnic compositions (preparing, mixing, pressing), assembling workshops, workshops of the production of colored smokes and specializes in the production of entertaining pyrotechnic products.
Currently, LLC "UPF" produces a large range of pyrotechnic products: Bengal candles, firecrackers, fire and smoke torches, fountains, signal pyrotechnics, fireworks batteries, high-rise fireworks. High quality of products manufactured at the factory is confirmed by quality certificates of the Customs Union.
The quality management system of the Limited Liability Company "Ural Pyrotechnic Factory" is created and applied to the design, development, manufacture, supply, repair, utilization and maintenance of products and meets all necessary requirements.
Young and dynamic team is constantly participates in the development of new types of entertaining pyrotechnic products.

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Factory Contacts

Contact Name: Andrew
Email: pyrosnab@me.com
Phone: +79637203030


456580 Chelyabinsk region, Emanzhelinsk , South industrial site , 1