New rules for fireworks shipment from China

July 13, 2021

SuperFireworks Co., LTD continues to inform its readers about the news from China.
From July 30, 2021, a new system for sending fireworks from China will come into effect in China.
Previously, when booking a container, the supplier received information about the cost of delivery, the date of loading and additional costs associated with sending fireworks from the factory warehouse to the port.
Now this process is happening in reverse order.
A manufacturer of fireworks in China sends an application for loading pyrotechnics to a transport company.
The transport company sends a letter of guarantee for signature.
The test of the letter states that the sender of fireworks from China agrees to pay the full cost of shipping the container from China to the destination country + all additional costs.
After signing the letter of guarantee, the transport company provides the sender with a container and loads the fireworks.
After the loading is completed, the transport company issues an invoice.
Thus, the cost of delivering fireworks from China will be known after loading and the sender no longer has the option to refuse due to the high cost.
When planning to send fireworks from China after July 30, you should understand that the cost of delivery increases every week and it becomes impossible to predict the exact price at the time of loading your goods.
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