Fireworks in China

Nov. 22, 2021

We are accustomed to assume that in the homeland pyrotechnics step can not stand without waiting for the shots of firecrackers or Sparks from the fountains shooting.

We imagine the absolute uncontrollable pyrotechnic chaos everywhere.

In fact, in Liuyang and throughout the province of Hunan, there are strict prohibitions for shooting fireworks in day and night.

SuperfireWorks Co., Ltd will tell you about the rules for using fireworks in China for residents of Hunan Province.

Fireworks shops can be seen on every corner and acquire salutes allowed every person over 14 years old.

The most popular products for the Chinese are sparklers, firecrackers , spinners and wheels, fireworks land installations and a wide variety of toys that have a cold fountain in the case.

Bunch of firecrackers  are launched mainly due to certain important events in the life of the Chinese.

It is believed that the sound of the working tape, as well as the intense smoke, can scare the evil spirits.

Because if the wedding, the birth of a child, buying a car or apartment - tapes will explode in large quantities.

Earlier, this was a big problem for residents of the city, because the use of tapes firecrackers began early in the morning, and the inhabitants of all houses in the quarter woke up from the roar and smoke. Since November 17, the inhabitants of the Hunan province  will no longer disturb the loud sounds.

The Government for Life Safety Control Strictly limits the zones in which shooting is allowed.

Now shooting without special notifications is permitted only during the World New Year period (from December 24 to January 6), as well as to celebrate the Chinese New Year, he is the festival of the Moon. Residents can use the purchased fireworks from 6.00 to 24.00.

All other days, the use of fireworks is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

If the resident of Hunan's province is planned an important event and without fireworks do not do without fire - every citizen can apply for a pyrotechnic show, pointing time, place, the list of goods participating in the shooting - in this case, the municipality Fireworks can only be shot at special sites, which should not be located near the state buildings, cultural monuments, educational institutions, airports and train stations, as well as places of high accumulation of people.

In case of violation of the established rules, the commission on supervision is obliged to investigate and punish all perpetrators.

And what restrictions act in your region? Write to us and SuperfireWorks Co., Ltd will collect all the detailed information about each country in one big list!

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