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Thank you very much for your choice of our firework products. You will enjoy boundless charm of our products on the following pages and find many new products and new designs, like consumer cake fireworks, display cake fireworks, missiles rocket fireworks, firecrackers, fountain fireworks, Roman candle fireworks, sparklers, confetti fireworks, spinners, smoke fireworks, wheel fireworks, snappers, reload-able shells, indoor stage and others.
Our engineers can design various type of effects. Each effect is fantastic and wonderful. Just let us know your requirment. We can also show the fireworks for your reference if you come to our factory.

We will continue Shuangyu's unremitting pursuit of "Quality, Safety and Service" of our products. We welcome you to visit our office which is located on the bank of the beautiful and worldwide river - Liuyang River. A wonderful Fireworks Demo is waiting for you.

Shuangyu Pyrotechnics Makes Your World Brighter!

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