Liuyang Shijihong Fireworks Manufacture & Sales Co., Ltd.

Liuyang, Hunan Province, the birthplace of fireworks, is the biggest firework producing area in the world. Generation after generation, we have been working hard to build Liuyang fireworks as a special culturalbrand to the people all around the world to share the passion and the beauty of the spectacular displays.

Thirty years ago, Shijihong Fireworks was founded in Liuyang. With the historical cultural background and traditional skills, we are growing wit hinnovation and writing new chapters in the fireworks industry. The brand "Shijihong" is awarded the "National Well-Known Trademark", which is one of the only three companies in fireworks industry!

In 2013, our company spent 50 million RMB on building its professional mould fireworks manufacturing base to mainly produce the new environmentally friendly mould products. Currently, Shijihong owns two large-scale professional fireworks manufacturing bases. The two bases manufacture thousands of diversified fireworks products in seven categories, including mould fireworks, shells, cakes, fountains, etc.

In March 2014, we officially started to export our mould fireworks to Russia, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria and other countries and areas. The high quality and stable results of our products received high marks and warm feedback, which exemplified our reputation.

Shijihong Fireworks has been constantly improving its services in product designing, research and development, material purchasing, producing, marketing, and customer service. Our diligent pursuit of high quality and our unique managing theory and methods make us a leading company in this industry.

Shijihong Fireworks owns Class-A Display Certification and has conducted more than 1,000 shows, such as Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, the 24th World Winter University Games, and the 7th EXPO Central China.

Passion Fireworks, Classic Shijihong! We always aim to improve our products’ safety, ensure environmental protection, and build a splendid company culture to benefit society. We will work hard to reach more milestones in fireworks industry and to share the beauty of fireworks to the world.

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Factory Contacts

WhatsApp: 13875862806
№ of factory: 43F323
Contact Name: Sunny Zou
Contact Name: Sunny Zou
Phone: +8613875862806
QQ Number: 63563858
Liuyang Shijihong Fireworks Manufacture & Sales Co., Ltd.


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