Hansol Global Corporation was established in 2006 as the affiliated marketing company of HansolFX and has been involved in the research, production and sales of flame systems worldwide.

We manufacture the colored flame fluid under the brand name of Colorfirefly and this fluid is used for flame systems and other appliance for colored flame effect. We also have been representing the overseas sales of the liquid and gas flame systems, which are manufacturered by our sister company, HansolFX.

HansolFX has been specialized in the production of liquid flame system, gas flame system and flame system's permanant installation to Theme Parks, Plazas, Big events, Sport events, Fountains, and other specific buildings for flame effect.

With continuing strive for success, Hansol Gloabl will always commit itself to develop and supply the most advanced flame products for mankind's better festivity culture.

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#8801 Fire Vision
Firevision consist of 256 flame head(16x16), like LED writing board, 400 x 357 cm Huge flashing and illuminate moving sign from side to side or schrolling.
This system also support multi language. The Programmable fire display. Your Ad message to attract attention.
Suitable for Big events or plazas.
Uploaded at July 2, 2015
#8746 Color Firefly Sfx Fluid
#8745 F-Spinner
#8744 Flame Bar
We've made a wide variety of flame bars of different shapes and sizes to create whatever size flame is needed.

Please contact us about operation and your requirements.

Flame Bar can make propane flame burn up to 40 cm high.

Flame bar is composed of flame burner, 3 x 1.5m section and other accessories.
Uploaded at July 2, 2015
#8743 Cauldron Flame
Cauldron flame system is perfect substitute for Olympic flame demagnification.

It can make propane flame burn up to 1 m high. Runs for about 4 hours continuous small olympic flame effect.

Cauldron Flame System is designed for using outdoor event, hotel entrance, Casino or eye-catching party.
Uploaded at July 2, 2015
#8742 Flame Fountain
Flame Fountain is the revolutionary product in the special effect industry.

This system shows two opposing elements coexistence of water and flame.

The system, which is a small fountain with a flame dancing atop the stream of cascading water, creates the paradoxical visual effect by dispelling a dose of natural gas through the water, making it flammable and able to emit a ball of fire at the center. Thus, there is the illusion of a cooperative relationship between the two natural elements
Uploaded at July 2, 2015
#8741 Firebird
Fire Bird Flame System is designed for indoor use as well as for using at the wedding ceremony mainly.

This system can shoot approx. less than 1 meter flame and its fuel is butane gas canister(about 230gr).

3 butane gas canisters are installed inside the system(one is for pilot flame and the other two are for main flame). The main flame fuel canisters are warmed with heaters so that it can make the flame height approx. 2 meter
Uploaded at July 2, 2015
#8740 Dual Flame
Dual Flame system can make a LPG flame up to 3m high. It has 2 flame jets.

One is for 3 m flame column or fireball and the other is 1m or lower flame ball.

Dual Flame System uses a spark to ignite the pilot flame. This pilot flame must be monitored by the rod flame sensor before big flames can be made. The system is controlled by standard DMX controller
Uploaded at July 2, 2015
#8739 Moving Flame System
#8738 4 Flame Head
The “4 Flame head system” can fire a desired (color) flame up to 10 meter high in optimal conditions. The system consists of 4 small flame heads and one big fluid tank 30L. Inside the flame head, a small butane canister provides the gas for the pilot flame. Once the safety system detects the pilot flame, it’s possible to generate a big (color) flame column. The 30 liter capacity pressure tank is the (color) flame fluid reservoir

that will be pressurized by an external nitrogen gas cylinder to get the required pressure for the system and 4 flame heads are connected to this fluid tank with fluid hoses. The flame heads are truss-mountable.

The height of the flame depends on the nozzle and working pressure from the system. 1.5mm nozzle at 15 bar generates a flame of 5 - 6 meter high and 2 mm nozzle at 20 bar generates a flame of 8 - 10 meter high.
Uploaded at July 2, 2015
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