Catalogue of fireworks and equipment


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LED Clip Hair
Design is Butterfly
Can make in different colors:
Red, White, Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow
Package is PVC bag , inside carton with desing
Has batteries CR1220
价格,装运港船上交货: 0.20$
含量: 600/1
每一条款: 0.00$
LED Toys Ring for kids
Different design and shape
Ligtning in the night time
50 rings in one PVC bag
One size
价格,装运港船上交货: 0.20$
含量: 50/1
每一条款: 0.00$
LED Glasses for party
Different colors and shape
Lightning in the night time
One unit in one PVC bag
价格,装运港船上交货: 0.40$
含量: 576/1
每一条款: 0.00$
LED Band for hand
Different colors
Material is plastic
Lightning in the night time
价格,装运港船上交货: 0.40$
含量: 1000/1
每一条款: 0.00$
TOYS for kids
Magic Pens
Write everything what you want
Can write on every material (glasses, window)
Different colors
Lightning in the night time if use special lamp
价格,装运港船上交货: 0.40$
含量: 6/1
每一条款: 0.07$
Halloween Toys
Animal print
Tiger hair band
Material is cotton
One size
2 pcs in one bag
价格,装运港船上交货: 0.40$
含量: 600/2
每一条款: 0.00$
Travel Products
Ears Pluggs
Material is Silicone
Very soft
Different colors
One case can make 2 or 4 units
Case can make with customer design
价格,装运港船上交货: 0.42$
含量: 1/2
每一条款: 0.21$
LED Sticks for party
Lightning in the night time
Different colors
One unit in one pack
Material is plastic
Have batteries inside
价格,装运港船上交货: 0.49$
含量: 200/1
每一条款: 0.00$
Hair Band from cloth
One size
Have resine inside
Different colors and drawings
价格,装运港船上交货: 0.50$
含量: 4000/1
每一条款: 0.00$
LED Night Lamp for kids
Different colors
One unit in the round shape PVC bag
Batteries not include
Three different style of work
价格,装运港船上交货: 0.60$
含量: 26/1
每一条款: 0.02$
Glow Hairl Clips
Butterfly shape
5 different colors
inside have 2 small batteries
Price depends from the order qty
价格,装运港船上交货: 0.20$
含量: 1/1
每一条款: 0.20$
yellow port and silver ti flower
价格,装运港船上交货: 49.82$
含量: 160/4
每一条款: 0.08$
15cm Long, color( red, yellow,green,purple,blue)
价格,装运港船上交货: 60.89$
含量: 160/4
每一条款: 0.10$
red tail white strobe, red tail yellow palm,time rain post,red tail brocade crown,red tail chrys
价格,装运港船上交货: 22.34$
含量: 6/1
每一条款: 3.72$
per shot: 0.15$
20 groups (20 * 1 group) digital remote control fireworks igniter
价格,装运港船上交货: 116.45$
含量: 1/1
每一条款: 116.45$
Equipment for speical effects
价格,装运港船上交货: 216.83$
含量: 1/1
每一条款: 216.83$
cracker snaps
价格,装运港船上交货: 48.59$
含量: 20/4/30
每一条款: 0.02$
1red tail red palm with white strobe
2green tail purple pearl with green strobe
3red tail yellow palm with crackling
45red tail golden palm with crackling
6green tail brocade crown with white strobe
7red tail red palm with green strobe
8green tail green pearl with white strobe
9red tail golden palm with red strobe
10green tail brocade crown with crackling +silver whistling
价格,装运港船上交货: 44.28$
含量: 4/1
每一条款: 11.07$
per shot: 0.11$
Remote control fireworks igniter
价格,装运港船上交货: 48.19$
含量: 10/1
每一条款: 4.82$
Remote control fireworks igniter
价格,装运港船上交货: 76.29$
含量: 1/1
每一条款: 76.29$
Comet Tail--Orange w/Purple Mine
价格,装运港船上交货: 51.89$
含量: 50/1
每一条款: 1.04$
Silver tail with silver to red
价格,装运港船上交货: 53.75$
含量: 100/1
每一条款: 0.54$
Red and white chrys,blue and green flower,green and white chrys,yellow flower,yellow and white chrys,blue flower,blue and white chrys,silk,yellow and blue flower,red silk,silver time rain
价格,装运港船上交货: 23.72$
含量: 4/1
每一条款: 5.93$
silver sparkler
价格,装运港船上交货: 33.13$
含量: 24/12/6
每一条款: 0.02$