SONGBIRD PYRO Fireworks Co., Ltd ,Located in the famous town of fireworks in Wenjia city, Liuyang,Hunan,China. is an export-oriented unit and mainly produces and sells fireworks materials and products. It attaches to SONGBIRD PYRO firework material business department of Wenjia city, Liuyang city.

“Integrity”, “Pragmatic”, “Professional” and “Innovative” are the operating principles of the company for all the times, and it adheres to the operation philosophy of “quality first”, “credit first” and “mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit”.

Since 1996, it has been engaged in Research and Development on production and sale of fireworks raw materials. According to the nature and quality of most of the products, combined with market demands, it helps the domestic and foreign fireworks manufacturers to select good raw materials and produces the best types of raw and auxiliary materials itself.

In recent years, SONGBIRD PYRO Fireworks Co., Ltd., under the leadership of general manager Chen Songbai, keeps pace with times. According to the needs of domestic and international markets, SONGBIRD PYRO has been developing good fireworks materials, updating the new products of fireworks industry and developing domestic and foreign trade.

At present, We are mainly produce and sell Fountain,Spinners,Helicopters,Roman Candle,Cakes,Shells,Stage fireworks,Firecracker,Combined fireowrks,Stage Equipment,Fireworks Firing Systerm more than 3000 thousand kinds of nine series and fireworks material Antioxidant class, Reductant class,Help Color Class and the other good quality,safy,Environmental protection products. Those products have been mainly sales domestic and export to Asia,USA,Europe,Australia,Africa,Southeast Asia and many others countries,have won great satisfaction and praise from our customers.

In accordance with the operating principles of "Integrity, pragmatic, professional and innovative”, we aim at developing high quality, safe and environment friendly products, keeping pace with the times and adhering to innovation and development. Now we are inviting you to join us, let the brilliant and auspicious SONGBIRD PYRO fireworks brings you more happiness.

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Contact Name: Cai Lynn
Phone: +86 137871166006


No. 1101,Xinyue Bandao Apartment,Jiangjun Road liuyang hunan china