Powder production stops?

13 de Noviembre de 2021

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SuperFireworks Co., LTD today share with you urgent and important news from the our fireworks world

The Emergency Management Bureau from Liuyang city have announced the black gunpowder production enterprises must stop production for rectification.

Recently, due to the double impact of fireworks market environment and safety pressure, the black gunpowder enterprises will stop production for rectification. In order to urge the sustainable development of fireworks industry, the job requirements are as follows:

  1. During the period of rectification, enterprises should carry out mechanized transformation in the process of mixing drugs, tide drugs and packaging tablets to achieve human-drugs separation、the man-machine separation.
  2. Complete overhaul of machinery and equipment to ensure normal operation after resumption of work.
  3. Organize safety education and training for all staff at least once to strengthen workers' awareness of fireworks safety.
  4. Be on duty to ensure black powder is controlled.

After rectify, the safety inspection bureau must go to the fireworks factory for an check before approving the resumption of work.

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