Fireworks shipment have new rules!

14 de Agosto de 2020

On 13 August RiGour testing service company arrange all fireworks company, who export fireworks from China, to join meeting about inspection of loading policy.

From SuperFireworks Co., LTD on the meeting went our colleague Rena, manager of shipment department.

On the meeting fireworks masters from different department talked about the next things:

  1. make sure the safety of the transportation of foreign trade fireworks and firecrackers
  2. Open, fair, equity supervision work for loading container with fireworks, firecrackers and canister shells
  3. The "high risk" fireworks shall be provided "Transportation Hazard Grade Inspection certificate" for export fireworks from China

From 1st Sept all containers should be have a test (the third company of Rigour quality) , if loaded fireworks products following high risk goods:

  1. spherical or cylindrical fireworks ammunition with diameter ≥ 2.5 inches (inner diameter of launcher ≥ 63mm or spherical diameter / cylindrical length ≥ 57mm);
  2. spherical small fireworks shell (inner diameter of launching cylinder ≥ 30mm) or cylindrical small shell (length ≥ 30mm) of ≥ 1.2 inch;
  3. Single or combined fireworks and mines with inner diameter ≥ 45mm;
  4. rockets with external diameter ≥ 30mm;
  5. Roman candle with inner diameter ≥ 30mm;
  6. single firecrackers with length ≥ 63mm or diameter ≥ 20mm.

SuperFireworks Co., LTD will make a first test on next week and we explain more detailed after that.

We always care about safety !

Be Super!