Flying drones show

19 de Enero de 2016

Just think about it, what else can surprise experienced audience in the 21st century? People seemed to saw everything: great fireworks shows, laser shows, light shows, fiery flying staircases, roads from firecrackers and many other things about which the team of portal constantly tells its readers.

 However, discoveries and the latest technologies in the entertainment industry don’t stop to surprise us. Today we want to tell you about an amazing show of flying drones, organized and fulfilled by the Austrian company Ars Electronica Futurelab, commissioned by the German company Intel. Employees of the company have created unique light show mounted LED lamps in a hundred devices. Under the sounding of classical music glowing drones have been creating intricate patterns in the sky, forming a unique 3D-figures and real colorful images, moving in rhythm to the music of the orchestra.

For creating a light show a unique engineering program was developed. According to it, each device followed a certain path, without violating the synchronism with the other drones, and also switching on and off lamps at certain time.

The novelty has been already dubbed as a safe substitute for pyrotechnic and fiery performances, and also it has been noted that this show won’t be the last and every day it will become more and more popular.

Tem of portal is proud to live at the same time with such great inventors and offer to our readers to watch this unique performance.