16th International pyrotechnic conference in Japan

7 de Enero de 2016

From 25 to 29 April 2017 welcoming Japan will open its doors to all who wish to visit the 16th Annual Pyrotechnic conference in Omagari city.

Pyrotechnists from around the world will present to the colleagues judgement the most innovative solutions in the fireworks production, will share their experience and ideas on promoting and output to a new level of pyrotechnic business all over the world.


During four days participants of the event will experience exciting historical and recreational trips, excursions to factories producing various groups of pyrotechnic goods, visits to the headquarters of the organizing committee of the National Fireworks Festival, the best shows from world famous professionals, among which there is a significant number of users of the ozozon.com resource and more.


All participants in the 16th Pyrotechnic Conference in Japan are guaranteed a good mood and a lot of useful information and skills for the future running of the pyrotechnic business from the best masters. Submit applications to participate and be informed about all the latest trends in the world of fireworks!


Team of ozozon.com portal with pleasure will follow process of the conference and will share unique photo and video reports from the place of the even with its readers.

But now, we offer you to watch unique video presentation of future action for you can see it by your own eyes and make sure in enchantment of the future event!