What happens if a thousand Bengal candles is set on fire at the same time?

14 de Diciembre de 2015

Christmas and New Year is a time of experiments and fulfillment of desires! Each adult want to feel like a kid during this period and try unknown up to this time things.

SlivkiShow project, which known to many users, shows graphically what result can be because of fun with fireworks and other hazardous materials for a common person.


The latest sensational and gathered a lot of views was arson of thousand Bengal candles at the same time. From the side this performance looks more than impressive, and encourages everyone not to joke with even the most innocuous groups of fireworks such as sparklers candles.

Project leaders separately noted that before the filming a few test arsons was carried out, wet weather was chosen, as well as all the necessary fire-fighting equipment was in the place of demonstration. And that ensured complete safety in the case of a dangerous situation.

Team of ozozon.com portal recommend to all our readers to see the results of experiment and as to be careful!